12PCS/Set Instant Fix Zipper Repair Kit


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Did your zipper always break? No problem! With this easy-to-use fixed zipper, you’ll be able to repair split zippers, broken slipper buckles, and up to a few missing zipper teeth! Suitable for jeans, trousers, overcoats, etc.

Easy To Repair
Save some time and money with these ingenious replacement zippers. they’re the world’s first-ever instant solution for broken zippers, simply snap over the rock bottom of broken zips to repair them in seconds.
Fix Any Zipper
A fast, easy solution to any broken zipper. Fix jackets, jeans, pants, boots, sports & duffel bags, handbags, purses, and far more!
Universal Usage
Opens then closes onto any existing zipper tracks. this enables for repairs on worn-out or broken sliders on plastic tooth and nylon coil-type zippers.
No sewing required either. Heavy-duty construction allows for the zipper to last an extended time without wear.