2 in 1 PH Chlorine Meter Tester


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This 2 in 1 PH Chlorine Meter Tester is great! An electro-tester for testing pH and chlorine (Cl2) levels in water for routine monitoring of pH and chlorine levels of swimming pools, spas and different water sources. Ideal for keeping your pool or spa within the safe Chlorine and PH ranges, no more guess work. Light weight and easy to carry, keep your pool/spa water safe, comfortable and corriosion-free.

PC102 swimming pool water quality tester

  • You all need to prepare a 1.5ppm chlorine solution, the purpose of your swimming pool water inspection
  •  If you are setting a chlorine level of 1.5ppm or not (either uncertain or unable to find the calibration point), please use the traditional test strip
  •  Once your calibration is suitable for you, you do not need to re-calibrate unless you change the measurement pool to use different pool of water.


  • Risepro tester design, suitable for swimming pool or SPA family ratio (excluding salt lake swimming pool, industrial or scientific use)
  • After the first successful calibration, you can test your pool water with chlorine and acid and alkali levels in a quick and easy way. Therefore, there is no need for any more complicated and chaotic “traditional liquid chlorine and acid-base set”!
  • With this practical tester, you can quickly test if your chlorine and PH values are in the ideal range of 7.8: chlorine 1.2 1.7ppm and PH value 7.2 lied. If your test result is outside this range, let you have a piece of useful information, adapt to the corresponding pool of chlorine and acid and alkali. This is definitely a great tool, you may need to keep the pool water.


  • The recommended chlorine swimming pool and SPA grade are 1.2, 1.7ppm
  • Recommended PH swimming pool and SPA level are 7.2, 7.8
  • Dimensions (CM)
  • Host: 190 x 120 mm
  • Probe with handle: 150 mm long
  • Probe (only): 48 MM long (not included in the scope of supply blackstrap)
  • Cable (only): 130 mm long
  • Power supply: 1 AA 1.5 V alkaline battery
  • Weight: 160 g (without battery)
  • One set contains
  • 1 x PH value, Cl2 tester, probe
  • 1 x instruction manual