20 Gal Tree Watering Bag Water Drip Irrigation System Container


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Are you a nature-lover who wants to take care of trees near your home?

Looking for a large capacity water container that will help you in your advocacy?

Water your favorite tree with this 20 Gal Tree Watering Bag Water Drip Irrigation System Container!

Trees need water to survive but during the summer season, rainfall is very often, so to help mother nature replenish water the trees with this drip watering system. This automatic plant waterer is made of high-quality PVC material that very durable and can be used for a long time. After watering your first tree, you can recycle this garden watering system and use it to water other trees. Our automatic watering system can hold 20 gallons of water that can sustain the life of a tree for a long time.

Even if the rain did not pour its blessing on your newly planted sapling, this drip irrigation kit will make sure that it will receive the proper amount of water that they need. This drip system can maintain a slow drain for 5-8 hours. The tree watering bags can help you keep the trees hydrated in the hot summer days and greatly reduce the watering time.

If you are taking up a course that involves nature, this is a perfect addition to your greenhouse supplies that will be your best buddy in making your professor amazed at your great dedication. Our drip irrigation system is very easy to use, just Just wrap this plastic water bag around the trunk, tighten the zipper and pour water in it. For larger trees, you can pull two of these drip irrigations together.

Make the tree fully replenished with the use of 20 Gal Tree Watering Bag Water Drip Irrigation System Container!


  • Durable – This gardening tool is made from a high-quality PVC material that guarantees its durability.
  • Slow Drain – The drip irrigation will make sure that the tree will never overconsume water since it was made to slowly drain. This process was done to help the tree gain the exact amount of water it needs.
  • Convenient – Instead of waiting for the rain in the summer days, this automatic watering system will give them the nutrients that they will need.
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