Alarm System with Long Range Sensor


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This Solar Driveway Alarm with Long Range Sensor is a sophisticated way to improve your home security on your driveway as it alerts you when someone approaches your home from up to 300 feet away. It uses solar energy to work, and will function even on overcast days as it stores energy from the sun and conserves it.

What’s great about this solar driveway alarm is that you can put them up to half a mile away from your home, which means it’s a fantastic option for homes with long driveways or long distance entrances. Have peace of mind knowing who’s coming and going to your property at all times!


EASY SETUP: This solar driveway alarm system is super easy to set up and is it is powered by solar energy there are no wires, batteries or power outlets required

SOLAR ENERGY: Using solar energy, this driveway alarm system is able to store and conserve enough power from the sun to be able to work on even the most wettest or overcast days

LONG RANGE: You can install this alarm system up to half a mile away from your home which makes it perfect for long driveways, and it is able to detect people up to 300 feet away

EXPANDABLE: If you need to add more sensors then this alarm system allows you to add up to 32 in total!

ACCURATE: This alarm system is not prone to false alerts, and it will rarely sound the alarm when animals or other smaller objects show up



  • Connection Type: Wireless
  • Wireless Transmission Range: 800m (Line Of Sight)
  • Sensor Detection Range: 100m