Aquarium Smart Dimmer System Led Light Timer


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This Aquarium Smart Dimmer System Led Light Timer is great! With 8 sets of time brightness settings, timer switch, simulate the different brightness switches of nature. This Aquarium Lighting System combines the timer and the dimmer into one. It has a100 level dimming to meet the requirements of various plants and pets for light. Provides an excellent industrial-grade LED display, reading can be seen from any angle clearly.


  •  The LCD screen interface is rich in content, the real-time status is clear, and the screen brightness is uniform and smooth.
  • Select high-quality safe materials, long service life, safe and reliable.
  • Fine structure and easy operation.
  • Universal timer, suitable for all kinds of fish tank lights with 12-24V input and output.
  • A variety of modes can restore sunrise and sunset, multi-level dimming, power-off memory.


  • Model: T1 timer
  • Adaptation voltage: 12-24V
  • Applicable power range: 3-100W
  • Adaptation type: single-channel lamps
  • Functions: 1. Timing 2.4 kinds of sunrise and sunset modes 3.10 levels of brightness adjustment
  • Weight: about 0.11KG
  • Size: 15*9*3 cm