Balloon Race Car Toy


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This Balloon Race Car Toy is a new type of high-quality balloon racer with scientific and physical design, which not only makes children have fun, but also teaches some scientific knowledge and improves their practical ability.

Super easy to use in two steps. Simply pump the balloon with air, press the button and watch the car take off. Accelerating at speeds like never before. This toy has no pointy edges nor small parts that can endanger your kids. It’s safe and fun to play with, perfect for small children.

Not only loads of fun but also educational as well. Help to improve their brain functions and keeping them entertained all-in-one. Balloon Box offers everything you want from a toy. Safety, fun, and simplicity. Making this the right toy for your kids.


  • Completely Safe – The smooth material and big parts will ensure your kids will never get hurt while playing. Ensuring your kids are safe while using it.
  • Loads of Fun – For any kids to enjoy for hours upon hours without boredom creeping in. Keeping them occupied and keeping your kids from complaining.
  • Easy to Play – Every kid can learn the simple steps of playing with Balloon Box. Perfect for kids of all ages and learning backgrounds to enjoy the fun and educational value this offers


  • 1 x Air Pump Box
  • 2 x Cars
  • 12 x Balloons