Beginner Acoustic Guitar for Kids


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This Beginner Acoustic Guitar for Kids is a fantastic way to introduce the guitar to your child! It is smaller than a regular guitar so your child will easily be able to hold it without any struggles.

Using this learning guitar will help your child improve their hand and eye coordination skills, and it will enhance their creativity. It is designed with 15 frets, which is more than enough to learn how to play chords and different melodies. It also comes in four different colors; black, blue, pink or red.


Face Material: Plywood
Back Material: Plywood
Side Panel Material: Plywood
Neck Material: Basswood
Fingerboard Material: Basswood
Tuning Peg Material: Plastic
Nut Material: Plastic
Bridge Material: Plastic
Diecast: Plastic
Size: 23″
Frets: 15 Frets
Dimensions: (23.03 x 7.48 x 2.16)” (L x W x H)
Weight: 23.10oz


1x Child size guitar