Electric Wine Bottle Opener


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It can be quite a challenge to open a bottle of wine sometimes, which is why this Electric Wine Bottle Opener is such a great addition to your home if you’re a wine lover!

Using this nifty device, you’ll be able to open a bottle in a couple of seconds, and you won’t run the risk of corking the wine in the process. This smart wine bottle opener is not only great for wine lovers or bar owners, but it also makes for a fantastic gift!


  • SIMPLE – Very easy to use, all you need to do is place it above the cork and press the button and it’ll remove the cork in seconds 
  • RECHARGEABLE – Comes with a rechargeable battery and a full charge allows you to open up more than 60 bottles
  • STYLISH – It has a super stylish appearance and makes for a worthy addition to your kitchen or household
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA – Fantastic gift idea for all occasions



  • Size: 21.5 * 4.8 cm
  • Material: ABS