Feng Shui Crystal Money Tree


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According to the Chinese, having a Feng Shui Crystal Money Tree will help you attract wealth, prosperity, success, and many other good things.

Place this beautiful Feng Shui Tree in your living room and you should then eventually benefit from some financial luck. It is also said to improve career luck, which is why so many managers, directors and leading CEOs seem to have one!

The crystals that hang from the trees all carry their own uniquely positive energies and auras, which will pervade the airspace of your home and bring good fortune to those inside it.


  • The leaves are made of crystal material which is glittering, translucent and beautiful;
  •  It is also called wagging fortune tree which is a treasure tree according to the tale.It will rain with money once you wag it.
  • To put a money tree at home or office,it means much money in the coming year;
  •  You can try your best to loosen the iron wire on the branch to make the tree flourishing;
  • We will pack them with two-layers bubble bag to protect it well;
  • It is a very good present to friends,relatives etc.to express best wishes.


  • Net Weight: 0.35kg/pc(estimated)
  • Height: 17cm/6.7″
  • Base diameter: 7cm/2.7″