Foldable Multi-Function Fishing Bucket


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After you’ve caught your fish, keep it fresh.

Fishing, camping, barbecuing, boating, gardening, bait storage, and other outdoor activities are all possible. Filling it with water creates a handy basin where you may store fish, shrimp, live bait, or other items that require an oxygen pump to stay alive. For anglers and fishermen, this is an absolute must-have.


✅ Made from EVA material and waterproof

✅ Foldable bucket save space for easy storage


✅ Good compression resistance, strong heat preservation, lightweight suitable for long-distance transportation

✅ Two zippers, top cover mesh pocket design, fresh air circulate, live bait and fishes can stay alive

Bucket size

15L- 30x20x25cm

20L- 35x25x30cm

25L- 40x30x35cm

30L- 45x35x40cm

40L- 65x45x60cm