Foldable Reptile Snake Tongs Stick


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Professional 52″ Snake Tong Rattlesnake Catcher & Grabber. It’s a convenient tong for any medium to large snake job
Made from high quality stainless steel with rubber non-slip grip, durable and lightweight.

Smooth serrated wide jaw allows to get maximum grip pressure with minimum risk of damage to the reptiles.
Hand contoured pistol grip style handle is comfortable to hold. Great spring action makes it work smooth and easy. Handle long snakes easily and safely.

The snake tongs can be used for camping, removing pet reptiles, catching handing separating snakes, etc. Especially fit for the people who do not want to harm them. It also can be a family essential pick-up tool for kitchen shelves, fishing or as litter picker.

Packaged include:
1x Foldable Reptile Snake Tongs Stick