Glow in the Dark Golf Balls (4pcs in a pack)


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Have you ever fantasized about playing golf late at night? The bright light of this golf ball allows you to play at any time of day. As it soars in the air, the ball creates a gorgeous arc that lights up the sky and shines like a meteor.

After being struck, the LED golf balls continue to light up for around 8 minutes, giving you plenty of time to pick them up. There are fewer balls. Being stranded! The internal battery will last 40 hours, allowing you to strike the ball over 800 times.


  • Material: the cover is the Dupont Surlyn
  • Innermost layer: Synthetic rubber with LED electricity.
  • Color:white,red,blue,green,pink,orange
  • Diameter:≥42.67mm
  • Weight:≤45.93g/pcs
  • Dimple NR:392pcs
  • Elasticity:above 65%
  • Hardness: above 80%


  • 4pcs Golf Ball


Features and Advantages

DURABLE AND REUSABLE – The golf balls have a complete compression core and a durable shell, making them ideal for both novice and experienced players.

BEST NIGHT GOLF BALLS – To activate the ball’s illumination, simply bounce it on a hard surface, such as the cart path, and the glow will turn on. To save energy, the ball will illuminate for 8 minutes before turning off.

PERFECT GIFT – This one-of-a-kind golf ball makes a fantastic present for any golf enthusiast. Never be limited by the light of day; instead, play till the wee hours of the morning!