Golf Putter Laser


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This Golf Putter Laser is perfect! There will be no more guessing while playing with the Golf Putter Laser Pointer. By studying your shots, you will now be able to play the game properly. This device helps you measure your shots, analyze your faults, and then apply what you’ve learned from the statistics to better your game.

Stop slaving away on your own and hope for a better outcome. By recording data and correcting faults with the Golf Putter Laser Pointer, you may genuinely improve your game. Get yours RIGHT NOW and make your own “killer” shot!








  • Laser Pointer – Helps you target holes easier and measure distances to find accurate shots with a red laser guide!
  • Wide Compatibility – Adapt to different playstyles because it can connect with most putters, whether it’s a traditional blade, heel-toe, or mallet clubhead.
  • Long Battery Life – Powered by a “2 x LR44 Button Battery” which lets you experiment from different angles all day long so you can master your unique shots!
  • Perfect for Shot Analysis – Record data from shots using the device and shots when the laser is off then compared them to see what you can improve.
  • Portable – It doesn’t need much space. Fits even in small pockets.


  1. Mount the putter into the golf club shaft and turn on the infrared switch.
  2. To use, adjust the golf club’s angle and position first to align with the target, then push the golf ball directly towards the hole or putter plate.