Hard UV Resin Glue Quick Dry


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Convenient & Efficient: Do not need to measure, mix the ratio or take long curing time like AB resin. Our UV resin is ready to use and can instantly cure hard in minutes with 36W UV light or sunlight. The spout does great help to squeeze and inject the resin.

Safe: Our UV resin hard type is made of high-quality and non-toxic materials. Odor will be generated during the curing process, the longer the curing is completed, the less the odor will be until there is no odor.

Economical: The package includes 200g(7 oz) transparent UV resin which is perfects for DIY craft making! Comes with a small tip, simply open and squeeze.

Widely Used: UV Resin Hard can be used for small items making, like jewelry, crafts decorations, casting, and coating, etc. It also can be mixed with other materials to achieve variable color.

Wonderful Gift: This is an amazing gift for your family or friend. It promotes your relationship with your kids in the creation and develops your child’s creativity, imagination, and hands-on ability.