Industrial Electric Thermoregulator LCD Display


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Product specifications:

  • Model number: 855A 855B 855C
  • Temperature range:60-600℃
  • power:2500W(855A)2000W(855B 855C)
  • Air flow: 300-500L/min
  • Power source type: The AC power
  • Rated voltage:220V
  • Operating current: 8A(855A) 7.5A(855B 855C)
  • The noise decibel:<60 dbs(855A)50~60dbs(855B 855C)


LCD digital:(855A)

Temperature can be adjusted, LCD digital temperature display function is provided, the temperature can be easily adjusted, and the working temperature is easy to read.

Applications :

Greatly used in various fields such as smartphone repair, car maintenance, shrink film shrinking work, PVC work, Stripping work, heat treatment processing, thawing, drying, and painting.


  • High-quality heating elements ensure reliable and safe operation.
  • The temperature and air volume can be easily adjusted.
  • Two gears adjustable temperature, First gear 60-400 ℃, Second gear 400-600 ℃.
  • Two gears adjustable airflow, First gear 250L/min, Second gear 550L/min.
  • Power output is stable, fast speed, suitable for long time operation, to prevent overheating burned.
  • Can be applied in soldering, welding PVC, shaping, drying, shrink-fitting, stripping paint, etc.

How to use and work:

  • Temperature adjustment: You can adjust the blowing temperature by controlling the Temperature and airspeed position switch. Depending on the application, Sliding the induction pulley temperature control to adjust the temperature.
  • How to work ⇒ Stripping of paint: Use the tip nozzle (round nozzle or flat nozzle) to soften the paint with hot air
  • Remove it and scrape it off with the scraper.
  • Work method ⇒ Heat wrapping: Heat shrink wrapping and tube heat wrapping using the tip nozzle (flat nozzle).
  • Work method ⇒ Molding of resin pipe: Use the tip nozzle (curved surface nozzle) to uniformly warm the periphery of the resin pipe.
  • Work method ⇒ Peel off window frame putty: Use the tip nozzle (glass protection nozzle) to soften the putty with hot air.
  • Remove the putty with the scraper.


  • Rated Voltage: 220V
  • Rated Output Power: 2000W/2500W
  • Usage: Commercial Manufacture
  • Air Volume: 300-500L/min
  • Feature: Cool / Hot Air
  • Feature: Temperature Adjustable
  • Feature: Temperature Digital Display
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Weight: 200g
  • Model Number: 855A/855B/855C
  • Grade: Industrial
  • Feature: Temperature Adjustable, Temperature Digital Display
  • Weight: 600g
  • Power supply type: AC power
  • Operating current: 8A/7.5A
  • Type: Heat gun
  • Function: Welding and maintenance