Insect & Mosquito Zapper


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This Insect & Mosquito Zapper is the perfect solution to getting rid of flying intruders in your home during the summer!

Mosquitos are attracted to ultraviolet rays and carbon dioxide as it indicates to them the presence of mammals that they can feed on.

Using this understanding of mosquitoes, this LED Mosquito & Insect Trap does the job trapping and killing mosquitos indoors and outdoors!


  • Effective: The purple ultraviolet light attracts all types of insects, which draws them in until they are zapped by the electric coil.
  • Safe & Chemical Free: Many bug sprays and mosquito repellents use chemicals that not only smell bad but contain many toxic chemicals. This bug zapper is 100% safe to use around all humans and is perfect for indoors & outdoors.
  • Rechargeable: Easily charge this bug zapper with USB connection, which means you never have to worry about losing power.
  • Portable: Thanks to its compact size, you can bring this on your travels or anywhere you like.
  • Easy to use: the controls are uncomplicated and do not require much attention or effort from you. The device is also low maintenance as it includes a brush to clean any debris from the inner coil. Simply empty the bottom shell into the bin and it will be good as new!