Lawn Aerator Shoes


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These Lawn Aerator Shoes are a great and easy way to aerate your lawn in your garden or back yard. They help to loosen up lawn that is heavily clogged up together using the spikes that are attached to the bottom of the sandals.

Using these lawn aerating shoes helps your lawn to easily absorb air, water and nutrients so that it stays healthy and greener for much longer. Not only that, but using these lawn sandals is extremely fun and easy to use and far quicker than any other conventional methods!


  • ENHANCES GARDEN HEALTH – Using these grass aerator shoes helps to stimulate plant growth and creates a much healthier garden
  • DURABLE –  Made from extremely durable materials and designed to stand the test of time, as well as staying sturdy when you are using them
  • SIMPLE TO USE – All you need to do is simply put them on your feet and start walking around in your garden!