LED Changing Azure Solar Wind Spinner Azure


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If you want to add some life to your garden then look no further than this LED Changing Azure Solar Wind Spinner! It will illuminate your outdoor space with magnificent LED lights with a range of bright colors and provide a lovely breeze at the same time. It features a solid metallic construction that provides natural rotation whenever the wind blows.


  • BRING YOUR GARDEN TO LIFE: This LED Changing Azure Solar Wind Spinner Azure is a very unique way to decorate your garden and bring it to life
  • ROTATES IN THE WIND: This wind spinner will start rotating once the wind blows it and this automatically turns on the LED lights
  • SOLAR ENERGY: It is equipped with a solar panel that charges during the day and then lights up at night by itself which help to create warmth in your outdoor space
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: This peacock wind spinner is able to withstand all types of weather conditions as it is 100% rust-proof and wind-proof