Led Light Up Visor Eyeglasses for Bar


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Want to stand out from the crowd? Shake these glowing shadows in clubs, bars, parties, concerts, or raves. It is definitely an eye-catching product that will draw attention to the celebrity style you want in your next event, party, carnival, or club. The glasses are made of high-quality materials to make them scratch-resistant and also have high resistance to breakage. No wires! Unlike most lighting glasses that use EL wire to surround the frame and use a noisy wired battery pack, this set is completely wireless and adopts silent LED technology. Only needs two batteries to work.

If you want the best cyberpunk look, you are in the right place. The location of two LEDs on each arm makes it the support for a perfect cyberpunk look. The LEDs are placed in this way, so they emit light from the lens. With infrared engraving on the glasses, this exquisite futuristic design looks impressive when worn. Perfect choice for men or women!  When designing glasses, we have taken comfort as the priority. Wearing any kind of glasses, comfort is one of the most important parts. Therefore, the lenses have extra padding on the arms, and the molded nose pads make you look great without compromising comfort. The unique and beautiful LED glasses can be used for futuristic role-playing, which is very suitable for role-playing, parties, and festivals, and get the perfect cyberpunk look, celebrate themed parties, and even participate in music concerts. Can be used on any occasion!