M8 Car HUD Head Up Display


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HUD is not only an information display system but also can understand whether the vehicle is faulty through the driving computer so that the user can make corresponding treatment in time to protect the interests of the owner. Display information: driving speed Engine speed Water tank temperature Battery voltage The number of kilometers traveled Detecting the fault code Eliminating the fault code. Overspeed alarm (single segment / four-segment alarm) Speed ​​alarm Water temperature alarm Voltage alarm Fatigue driving reminder.

Material: PC + ABS
Type: Car computer monitor
Model: M8
Applicable models: General
Screen type: LED light
Screen size: 3.5 inches
Weight: 0.3 (Kg)
Bandwidth: 50 (MHz)
Resolution: 1000
Input signal: OBD2 interface
Picture tube: LED light
System: PAL
Color: color projection
Appearance size: 90*53*26mm