Mandoline Vegetable Slicer


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This Mandoline Slicer will let you slice fruits and vegetables like a professional chef in seconds. The stainless steel blades and rugged body will last you for many years of daily use.
 • 18 Different Shapes – Different options for slices, thickness, and textures to choose from.
 • Safety Holder – The most important part of the slicer. It protects your fingers from ever touching the blades. The holder has 4 stainless steel prongs that gently puncture the food and prevent them from slipping away.
 • Anti-skid Base – The anti-slip coating on the bottom of the slicer keeps it in place and prevents slipping.
 • Easy to Use – Just place the fruit or vegetable under the holder and glide it in a smooth to-and-fro motion for slicing. Change the different controls for different shapes and sizes.
 • Easy to Clean and Store – Rinse it underwater without worry for easy cleaning. It is also Dishwasher-safe(top rack). The legs can be folded to store without using too much drawer space.
 • Rust and Corrosion Resistant – Reinforced German Stainless-steel Blades.
 • Zero Wastage – You won’t have to throw away anything. Chop and Slice vegetables, herbs, and fruits completely.
 • Uniform Slices – Every slice is identical in size and shape. Professional chefs spend years in culinary school to accomplish that feat. You get the same result in seconds