Mini GPS Tracker: Brings Security and Protection With this GPS Locator and Anti-Theft Detector


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Know where your property is, who has it or what it does with it anytime. The easy way to have everything in sight!

Have you often forgotten where you parked your car? Or do you want to make sure your child is where he claims to be?

The new Mini GPS Detector makes tracking easier than ever. With this Mini GPS, you will always know exactly where it is. There are many ways to use it, whether for your car, your child, your luggage or even if you are caring for people who need help. The Mini GPS Tracker provides security and protection.

Have you ever lost your pet?

Our pet GPS activity and tracking monitor is the best all-in-one rental GPS tracking tool for dogs and cats. The GPS Tracker pets gives you unlimited peace of mind knowing where your pet is at any time of the day. Its intelligent and portable design adapts perfectly to your pet’s collar and its easy control via your smartphone thanks to high-precision GPS technology.

What is a GPS tracker and how does it work?

Similar to a car navigation system, a mini GPS Tracker is capable of determining its position using an integrated GPS receiver.

Insert a working SIM card into the device and follow the map (with Google Maps) in real time on the Internet. With two powerful magnets inside which can be easily attached – perfect for tracking vehicles, teenagers, spouses, the elderly or property.

The position of the tracker is displayed in real time with an accuracy of 10 meters. The Mini GPS also lets you know when your car or child is leaving a specific area. You can define an electronic fence, also called a geographic barrier. If the mini GPS transmitter leaves this area, you will be immediately informed.

You can use the GPS tracker for your car

The antenna of the GPS transmitter must not be covered with metal. There must be a “clear view of the sky”. Thus, in the car, for example, use under the dashboard or in hatchback vehicles in the trunk is possible.

Attachment to the outside of the vehicle: For perfect reception, it is advisable to place the GPS Tracker as far as possible under the vehicle, in order to ensure the reflection of the GPS signal on the asphalt.

Technical informations 

  • Size: 40mm x 22mm x 15m, weight: 20g
  • Standby time: 12 days
  • Walking time: 4-6 days


  •  1 x mini GPS tracker
  •  1 x USB cable


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