Multifunctional Water Purity Temperature Meter


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This Multifunctional Water Purity Temperature Meter is great! Highly efficient and accurate due to its advanced microprocessor technology. The LCD screen is convenient for reading and recording data and stores readings for easy reading and recording, and the digital LCD TDS meter is used to test the purity of the filter water quality, to check the performance of your water filter, and to check the hardness (1 grain = 17 ppm).To ensure that you always drink clean and safe water, the TDS tester is recommended for every family.



  • 3 in 1 Digital TDS meter can provide accurate readings of TDS EC and temperature.
  • TDS instrument has automatic temperature compensation in measurement mode.
  • 5 minutes automatic shutdown. Save power and extend battery life
  • Multi-mode conversion: there are 4 different modes for the TDS EC instrument. Press shift to switch between different modes
  • Mode memory function. Each startup mode is the default mode used before shutdown.


  1. TDS water meter is a professional water level tester with simple operation, fashionable appearance and small volume.
  2. It is very suitable for all water quality testing, water purification applications, wastewater regulation, aquaculture, hydroponics, laboratory and scientific testing, pool, ecological testing, colloidal silver, water treatment, etc.



Measurement range: conductivity: 0-9990 μ s / cm


Temperature range: 0.1-80.0℃(32.0-176.0℉)

Accuracy: ± 2%

Material: ABS

Size: 154 * 30 * 14mm/6.06*1.18*0.55″