Portable Mechanic Tool Chest Rolling Electrician Tool Bag Organizer


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Are you tired of carrying your tool kit with your heavy tools?

Do you want a more convenient way of carrying your tools anywhere you go?

Store and make all those heavy tools portable with this Portable Mechanic Tool Chest Rolling Electrician Tool Bag Organizer!

Your regular toolkit can store many tools but on the other hand, gives you heavy loaded tools to carry. That is why we created this portable rolling toolbox to help you avoid getting tired before reaching your workplace. This mechanic tool kit gives you an easy way of carrying and storing the tools that you need in your car repair shop. The household tool kit is more convenient than your wooden toolkit since we made it with 2 reliable universal and directional wheels that can withstand the weight of your tools and can roll even on a rough road and uneven pavements.

To make this roll away toolbox more convenient, our greatest craftsmen grant it with an IPX4 waterproof grade that allows it to be useful no matter the weather. The 1680D oxford cloth body of this home tool kit gives it the durability and strength to withstand damages from the tools inside it to make it more useful for you. The plastic bottom of this toolbox on wheels gives you the privilege to carry the tools you use for heavy-duty jobs easily. If you have a long-distance repair costumer, then pull this tool organizer instead of carrying it on your shoulder for convenient use of this product.

No one will steal your precious tools since this bag organizer is provided with a lock and a key that makes your tools secured while inside it. The large capacity of this rolling tool chest allows you to bring all the tools that you will need in your repairing and/or project building jobs.

Give this electrician tool bag to your friends and loved ones who do repairing or building as their job and they will give you their deepest gratitude for making their job less difficult.

Store and bring your heavy-duty tools conveniently with this Portable Mechanic Tool Chest Rolling Electrician Tool Bag Organizer!


  • Portable – This rolling tool box features 2 universal and 2 directional wheels which allow you to carry your tools anywhere without carrying them on your shoulder or back.
  • Convenient – Instead of using your shoulders in carrying all your tools, which makes you less functional in your jobs since you are already tired, this tool bag allows you to pull and roll them to make carrying more convenient and less tiring.
  • Large Capacity –  There will be no tool left behind since we granted this tool chest with a large capacity to contain all the tools that are necessary for a specific job
  • Durable – The mechanic tool kit is made from 1680D oxford cloth that is widely known for its high-durable features. The bottom is made from plastic materials to make it withstand the weight of your heavy-duty tools.
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