Professional Non-Contact Voltage Detector Indicator


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The sensitivity of the detector is adjustable according to your needs. When adjusting to low sensitivity, it can more accurately distinguish the specific situation in complex lines. With 8 LED indicators in 3 colors (2 green, 3 yellow, and 3 red) make it very easy to judge the detected voltage strength. This detector has Auto/Manual mode for selection according to your needs. It is convenient to detect and indicate the existence of AC voltage in Auto mode, or applied to more occasions in manual mode.

Safe and easy to distinguish the live wire by comparing the strength of the detected voltage, the line that detects the stronger voltage signal is a live wire. Find the breakpoint of the live line by measuring the change in voltage strength of the live wire.

Test principle:

– Non-Contact Voltage Detector, Also called live voltage detector. Using the principle of inductive detection, No physical contact is required. Very Safe and convenient.

Main Features:

Non-contact and pen-shaped design, convenient to operate and carry.

Dual-mode operation. (Manual sensitivity adjustment and automatic)

The sensitivity of the product can be adjusted freely according to the actual scene used.

Has Induction dangerous voltage alarm, Live/Neutral wire distinction, Live Wire Breakpoint Locate, Continuity check, flashlight features, etc.

This product has a Self-test function at boot time. It can effectively detect whether the product can work normally and avoid wrong judgment. More Safety!

Has 8 LED indicators in 3 colors (Red/Yellow/Green): Automatic identification of high/medium/low voltage.

Alarm mode: Sound and light (Red/Yellow/Green).

LED spotlight, Battery low voltage reminder, Auto power off features.

Safety level: CAT II 1000V.

Compliance with international safety standards.