Rechargeable Heated Cashmere Scarf Winter Neck Warmer Men Women


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Do you want to be warmth while being stylish?

Looking for a perfect companion that will accompany you on your daily errand outdoors?

Then our Rechargeable Heated Cashmere Scarf Winter Neck Warmer Men Women is the one you are searching for!

Upgrade your fashion style with convenience and comfort, here is our heated scarf that is mixed with functionality and high fashion. These women and men’s scarf are gonna be your everyday travel scarf with a twist, especially this coming cold season. With it’s innovative and unique design, this fashion scarf can be powered through any USB power source to provide warmth on your neck and keep you comfortable during these cold winter days. You can store your phone, cards, cash, and the power bank you wanna use to keep it running in its pocket.

This cashmere scarf is a perfect compliment for your everyday outfit, plus keeping you warm and comfortable. It’s also an added safety especially when you are exploring different places or even at night. Our winter scarf is available in different colors, all colors and designs are beautifully laid out that is suitable for both men and women. These men and women’s winter scarves are made from cotton fabric making it soft, skin-friendly and comfortable to keep you warm during the colder months. This neck warmer is guaranteed to last a long time with proper use and care.

Our neck scarf is beautiful as it is functional. The unique design makes sure that these scarves for women and men won’t fall off from your neck while wearing it. You can configure these women and men’s winter scarves in many different ways which will keep you amused day after day.

So what are you waiting for? Make this Rechargeable Heated Cashmere Scarf Winter Neck Warmer Men Women a part of your everyday life this winter!


  • Practical Power Cord – This neck warmer’s power cord adopts the commonly used USB connector in the market, which is convenient and practical and has a high matching degree.
  • Far Infrared Rays – Far infrared rays releases infrared rays at the same frequency as the far-infrared frequency of the human body.
  • High Thermal Conductivity – Ultra high thermal conductivity for 3 seconds extreme temperature feeling.
  • Fast Heating – After pressing the switch for 3 seconds, you can feel the warmth of the temperature spread in the neck for blood circulation and comfortable relaxation.
  • Anti-leakage Design – Our neck scarf has an anti-leakage design; it can be directly washed, easy to use and saves time.
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