Road Construction Intelligent Solar Warning Light


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Good lighting is essential to everyone’s safety on the road: Clear visibility prevents accidents and signals the way for drivers to reach their destinations safely; RoadSafe’s wide variety of road lights, from flashers to mounted lights, are premium illuminating solutions for your project.

From the flasher’s redesigned rugged and durable co-polymer case with a breakaway internal candle to the mounted’s aerodynamic 360-degree wide-angle inner lensing, RoadSafe’s light devices are designed to be durable and endure all weather conditions.

Road light performance is key to protecting all life on the road, and picking the right product can really make a difference. All RoadSafe’s lighting products are high-performing, carefully crafted devices developed by highly reliable brands.


  • INTELLIGENT DESIGN – Easy to install and crafted of high-quality materials, these road lights are weather-resistant, easy to spot, and safe to use on roads and vehicles; they comply with international standards, making for a reliable traffic safety device in every application.
  • WORK ZONE SAFETY – RoadSafe Traffic System is the nation’s largest provider of traffic control and pavement marking services. We also distribute high-quality, innovative, and durable traffic safety products and personal equipment.