Seedling Extractor Planting Tool


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This Seedling Extractor Planting Tool is great! Made of high-quality iron and plastic material, with a zinc plating surface, the bulb planter is hard, sturdy, wear-resistant, and durable, owning a long using life span, not easy to get deformed.

The humanized handle with a 3D anti-slipping pattern is suitable for human hands’ shape, no slipping problem, comfortable for long time holding. The bulb planter is designed with gear shape bottom, which is convenient to insert itself into the soil, good at the move, and take off seedlings from the soil.


Seedlings Transplanter making it an ideal tool for spring, fall, and year-round planting bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, lily, dahlias, iris, gladiolus, lily, crocus, onion as well as a hole digger for plants, and flowers. Seedlings Transplanter is an Ergonomically designed spring-loaded handles that make bulb planter easy to use.

The Seedlings Transplanter planting faster and easier saving you time. The Seedlings Transplanter material used is rust-free and reinforced chrome making it durable and sturdy. This means that it will not bend easily which will not only make the planting process easier but will also save you money as you do not have to buy a new planter every year. A great tool for spring, fall, and perennial planting and gardening.

Seedlings Transplanter has Includes a spring-loaded adjustable handle which when pushed/squeezed together allows the soil to fall into the hole where the bulb is planted. This means that you will be able to plant and refill soil much quicker than using other tools. This Seedlings Transplanter includes depth markers from 1 to 4 inches. This will allow for precise and consistent planting without having to spend too much time.

This Seedlings Transplanter has strong and sharp notches which makes it easy to penetrate the ground. All that is needed to insert the planter into the ground, twist, and pull up the soil thus saving lots of time. Serves as a great hole digger for plants and flowers.