Smart Incubator Brooder Machine Hatcher


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The second-best thing to Mother Nature, our smart digital poultry hatcher maximizes your hatching success rate. With humidity and temperature controls, our egg hatcher works for small to large eggs. And, no need to worry about remembering to turn the eggs with the auto rotate feature. Our LED candling lamp illuminates unfertilized eggs so they can be removed.

Easy to use and quick to assemble, our incubator’s compact size makes it perfect for small spaces. A see-through cover lets you observe the eggs in the incubator. The auto safety feature and open-air flow design protect the eggs from overheating, so all your eggs make it to hatching day.

Egg Capacity: 4-35 eggs
Voltage: Support 110V
Hatching Rate: 98%
Size (L*W*H): 37.5cm*25.5cm*17cm
Egg-Turning: Automatic Control
Usage: Goose eggs /Chicken eggs /Duck eggs /turkey eggs /quail eggs /Reptile

1* hatching machine
1* power cable
1* manual

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US Plug, GB Plug, AU Plug, EU Plug, ZA Plug


110V, 220V