Spot Weld Cutter Drill Bit


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This  Spot Weld Cutter Drill Bit is amazing! A must-have tool that will help you to make things easier and quicker! These spot weld cutters are designed to carve right through the joints on metals without needing to spend lots of time grinding and creating less damage.

It’s a spot weld bit that not only cuts clean but is non-invasive, too. This means that it does not distort the pieces of sheet metal that you are drilling through.


  • Durable Material: The preferred material used was top-quality steel which has an excellent thermal resistance. The cutting blade has a diameter of 3/8 inches, and the arbor is of standard 1/4 inch size.
  • Double Sided: Double-sided rotary cutter blade separates spot-welded panels more effectively than a panel cutter. when one side gets dull you simply have to flip the bit around on its arbor assembly.
  • Easily Separate: There is a spring-loaded pin in the center of these blades to guide the cutter to grind through the spot-welded material, drilling out spot-welds in a manner that leaves a very clean hole without distorting the sheet metal.
  • Fit For: Sharp double-sided blades for high efficiency. Suitable for thin stainless steel sheets, iron sheets, aluminum sheets, F.R.P, or other thin metal sheets
  • Spot Weld Cutter Tool: Easy to replace the blades when it begins to dull.

Spot Weld Cutter Drill Bit