Sunrise Alarm Clock with Large Display & FM Radio


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This Sunrise Alarm Clock is perfect if you have difficulty waking up early in the morning and don’t want to be disturbed artificially. It emits a beautiful glowing light that is reminiscent of a real sunrise, that will ensure that you wake up in a happy and natural state.


  • Hands-free Voice Control – Amazon Alexa and Google Heim are supported by the new smart wake-up light of the 2nd generation to work without wiring. It just needs 2.4GHz WiFi to work and it is easier and more pleasant. Free your hands easily and efficiently.
  • Smart App Control – The new 2nd Generation smart wake-up light, Tuya/Smart Life enabled, has been revamped. The intelligent Smart Life/Tuya app enables you to connect your smart wake-up light to the WiFi network of your house. It can be operated simply from any place. As long as you successfully connect the device to your Smart Life app account, the app intelligently adjusts all the features of the wake-up light to make your wake-up light smart.
  • Sunrise/Sunset Simulation Alarm Clock – Set alarm with a calm sunrise and refresh it. Before the set wake-up time, the light is activated and starts quite smoothly before it becomes brighter and higher. And the sunset decreases with slumber. Depending on your demands you may vary the brightness from 5% to 100%. You don’t have to worry about the strong light damaging your eyes, the automatic light adjustment option.
  • Alarm Clock with Snooze feature – The new 2nd version comes with four alarms and may be defined 4 different times on the same day. The new alarm has included two different alarms, allowing you to choose the free alarm time to meet your needs and preferences. The new alarms are also available individually.
  • The wakening alarm clock includes seven different sorts of sounds for your comfort, including the music of purity, birds, forest, beeping, and even the optional FM Radio; you can press the FM button for 2 seconds, and scan all the stations automatically, in the range of 75-78.0MHz. The alarm clock includes 7 natural sounds and FM Radio. With this newly upgraded wake-up light, it helps you wake up more obviously than the loud blared conventional alarm.

Package Includes: 1*wake-up light clock; 1*user manual; 1*USB cable; 2*stands