The Bass Bomb – Double Propeller Bubble Frog


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The Bubble Frog with Double Propellers is the ultimate surface lure! Our Frog lures have a unique design with two rotating flippers that produce a string of bubbles and a unique sound that falls somewhere between “buzz bait” and “plopper.”

The use of high-quality weaponry and body construction improves the effectiveness of cuts and reduces snagging. The flippers spin and emit a strange sound with even the tiniest movement. Its call is too strong for active and reacting fish to ignore. It’s a certainty that you’ll make an impression on the surface!


  •  Strengthen the double ring and increase the tensile strength.
  • Make the bait come alive with vivid 3D eyes, making the bait look like a real fish, floating in the water when fishing.
  • Rotating the legs can better show that the waves are fishing in the water.
  • Lifelike swimming style, S swimming action at various speeds. And attract fish to bite.
  • Crank high-carbon steel blood groove hook, anti-corrosion, strong power, durable, universal in seawater and freshwater.
  • High-quality silicone soft bait is bite resistant and durable,



  •  Color: 10 colors
  • Size: 90mm
  • Weight: 13g
  • Hook: Reinforced high-carbon steel barbed hook with blood tank
  • Suitable for waters: all waters