Therapy Hammock Energy Swing


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This Cozy Kid’s Hammock is the ultimate gift for your child to let them play, nap, or swing around at home or under a tree! This product has proven to be insanely popular recently and kids simply love to curl up inside this cozy outdoor/indoor hanging chair that provides a warm and cuddling feeling. They can easily tuck themselves inside to read, play or catch some shut eye!

Installation onto the ceiling is super simple and you can attach it easily to any tree with t strong rope and hook provided. Your kids will stay safe as it can hold up to 175 lbs.

This cozy kid’s cocoon hammock is a great addition to any kid’s room. Playtime will become a dynamic experience with endless possibilities.


  • Various Uses – You’ll have loads of fun playing and resting comfortably on Skyswing. You can sit back and relax, enjoy storytime, or simply take a nap. The possibilities are endless
  • Safe and Cozy – The hammock is durable and practical. Kids will feel secure and comfy every time they hop on CocoonSwing
  • Easy Installation – Setting it up on ceilings and trees takes little time and effort. Which means no drilling away at your walls or some difficult instruction manual to read.