Tiny USB Stick Audio Recorder


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On the lookout for the perfect audio recorder? Well, we did the homework for you with this totally unassuming audio recording device!

Whether you’ll be using it to capture lessons, meetings, training sessions, interviews, or for something more discreet (especially that!), you won’t find anything better than this. It looks just like any other USB flash drive innocently laying around!

Of course, what good is any recording device if it delivers garbled, choppy, or distorted audio? Well, you can put this in your pocket and you still get crisp, clear sound from up to 20 feet away! 

And to top it all off, this one has a built-in 8GB flash memory . You won’t have to worry about getting a separate TF card unlike other audio recorders!


  • Records audio at 128 kbps for that clear, rich audio quality
  • Captures clear recordings up to 20 feet away even from inside your pocket!
  • Easy single handed on/off operation – no special software or installation required
  • Doubles up as a standard mass storage device for your files, photos, and more
  • Looks and feels just like a normal USB drive – no one would suspect it hides a tiny yet powerful microphone!
  • Stores files in MP3 format for your convenience, it’s auto-save function protects your audio recordings
  • Equipped with a rechargeable Li-ion battery with up to 70 hours recording capability. 
  • Ideal for recording conversations, meetings, concerts, business agreements, legal matters, police reports, medical appointments, problematic scenarios at work and more!
  • Telephone recording function allows you to record detailed conversations
  • Please note: This voice recorder comes with 8GB flash memory built-in
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