Twistable Vine Fixtures


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Do your indoor plants have long branches that look untidy?


Utilise our Twistable Vine Fixtures to help organize stems and assist maintaining them in good condition. Made from high-quality plastic (ABS), these fixtures will ensure plants are not damaged whilst being held within their clasp. The fixing clip effectively saves  indoor space and the base has a strong suction force making the fixtures sturdy and not easy to fall off. The fixed clip knob is designed to be easy to use and firm.

With a twistable wire, these fixtures can also be easily fixed to shaped and organise any household cables or wires. Hence they are suitable for cars, homes and offices, enabling plants or various wires to be placed in accordance with any planned shape and direction.

Simple to install, these Twistable Vine Fixtures do not require any tools and are suitable for a variety of walls such as Tiles, Marble, Stainless Steel, Glass or other smooth walls.

Decorate your room with these fixtures holding your plants to shape any home interior design you imagine. They will look beautiful holding plants to climb up walls or assist them trailing a certain way desired.