Watch Lift Case Remover


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Are you sick of having to disassemble your watch to remove an impenetrable watch crystal? You don’t have to anymore; here’s how to remove unbreakable watch crystals without having to dismantle the watch.

This Watch Lift Case Remover is designed to accommodate both ladies and gentlemen’s watches and features jaws that open from 12 mm to 37 mm. It softly grasps the watch crystal and removes it safely. It comes with a base plate as well. It’s an essential tool for every aspiring watchmaker or collector. The ideal watch-repair toolkit for professionals.


  • Durable to Use: Watch Lift Case Remover is for fast removal and fitting of crystals. It is useful for removing immediately a watch glass for replacement of the glass, stem removal, and access to the hands or dial.
  • Exquisite Design: It designed for removing and inserting any domed acrylic or plastic crystal. The base has adjustable bolts can be fitted according to the size of the watch and fit different size watches and will minimize the risk of slipping and scratching.
  • Wide Applications: The opener can easily open and close to the watch case. With the base plate, reduce the need for rings, wrenches, and pliers. It can be set in different positions for different cases of different sizes Great for using as a watch case opener.
  • Safe to Use: Watch Lift Case Remover is a safe way to remove unbreakable watch crystals without taking the watch apart.

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