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Carabiner Grenade 550 Paracord Outdoor Camping Tools

Most of us love to go camping to explore and experience a great adventure. One of the basic needs for an adventurer is the survival equipment to make sure everything is prepared; we might not know what will happen beforehand. We are often hassled by the unavailability of camping survival equipment. Well, worry no more. Use this set of Carabiner 550 Paracord Survival Kit, Fishing Kit with Fire Starter and Sharp Eye Knife EDC GEAR is not your typical kit equipped with interesting survival features. So you will never lose your style even in the middle of the wilderness. Every camping enthusiast is dreaming of this!


  • The new carabiner grenade-style survival kit has a pull-up needle, wire, aluminum foil, tinder, fishing lines and hooks, weights and swivels, and a dobber wrapped in 500 pounds paracord.
  • The sharp knife is crafted from a stainless steel, type 304- 1.97 inches, to assure you of a clean and fine cut.
  • Carabiner 550 Paracord Survival Kit comes in different colors, such as black, green, organe camouflage and gray.
  • Easy-to-grip carabiners make it even more convenient to clip on your trousers. 

Type: Pocket, Multi Tools