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Emergency Toolbox Set for Camping and Hiking

Imagine yourself in the most hectic situations, getting caught in a heavy traffic for example. Worst case scenario, your car overheats in the middle of the road. The only thing you can think of on how to solve this one; you can either call a friend or fix it by yourself or ask a stranger to help you out.

Imagine a far worst situation: when you are camping alone in the middle of a wilderness. Your car overheats along the way and you have got no one to call or ask to help you out. At this point, you are the only one you can count on. Thus, you must be prepared at all times by bringing with you a survival kit.

This red-colored SOS Emergency Toolbox Set for Camping and Hiking has everything you need: a knife, pliers, LED flashlight, whistle, and much more. Equip yourself with the right set of tools and survive any calamities with style. 

Fit for: Survival Tool
Style: SOS Tools
Function: Travel Kit Camping Equipment
Use as: Survival Gear
Special: Emergency Kit