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Outdoor Pocket Tactical Pen Glass Breaker

Have you ever been caught in rough situations? Like getting yourself trapped in an elevator or having your keys locked inside your car?

Situations like these are inevitable. Who knows these might happen to you someday. It is better to be prepared. One way of getting ourselves ready for unforeseen situations is to have a device that would help us in any way possible.

This Outdoor Pocket Tactical Pen Glass Breaker is a perfect tool to bring whenever and wherever. In case you would need a pen for signing or writing important papers or you might have a problem that would require you to break a glass, this tool is perfect for you. This tool will enable you to survive and write with style.


  • Diamond thread handle, provides excellent anti-skid ability, helpful for taking tactical action effectively, improve safety factor.
  • Hundred-percent guaranteed, brand-new and high-quality, this silver-colored pen offers a classy edge
  • Crafted from solid metal, this 0.13 lbs. tactical pen is handy and convenient to use.
  • Features a triangular shaped glass breaking crown with a sharp point that can be used for self defense or to break glass.
  • Manganese steel pen clip: accord with ergonomics design, easy to hook on your backpack, bags and notebook.
  • Smooth business pen with round pen tip and fashionable appearance, comfortable and stable, great as a gift.


  • Brand new and unused
  • Material: aviation aluminum
  • Length: approx 15.4cm