360° Ultrasonic Air Humidifier


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  • Love at First Sight: Combining function and aesthetic feeling, we can find a brand new demand for quality of life. Create a new direction for humidifying experience
  • Moisture Comfort Humidification Moisturize: Office at work. Hydration and Air purge, enjoy your office more.
  • Heavy Fog; Healthy life moisturize. Filtration and atomization of clean water into water molecules. Reduce the air in a dry bath to reach the bottom of the skin.
  • Like the Stars Roaming Lights: Using 5 high-brightness chips, LED beads alternate transformation of dazzling luminous effect.
  • Living Room: Relaxing, relieving dryness, relax your body and mind.
  • Dream Projection: Any angle 360° free rotation. Innovative inclinable upward and downward rotation 360° fogging
  • Colorful Ambient Lamp: Diffuse Light. Softly illuminate the night conductive to sleep.


Using polymer mist technology to allow moisture to diffuse in the air, so that no water droplets are returned to wet the tabletop.
Decibel below 30db, zero radiation, no stimulation, the elderly, children can use.
The spray volume is very large, reaching 35ml / h, which can quickly reach the relative humidity requirement.
It can work wherever USB can be plugged in to increase the convenience of mobility.
Suitable for larger rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, cars, baby rooms, dormitories, etc.


  • Type: Portable Humidifier
  • Input Voltage: DC5V
  • Working Current: 300MAH-800MAH
  • Usage Power: 2W
  • Water Bottle Capacity: 200ml
  • Spray Amount: 30-40ml /H
  • Charging Time: 0.6-1h
  • Material:ABS+PP+Electronic components
  • Size:7×6.6×21.3cm
  • Color:Pink,Dark blue,Blue,White
  • Packing include:
  • 1pcs x Humidifier
  • 1pcs x Usb Line
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