Central Door Lock Keyless System Remote Control

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Convert your car to a more modernized set up with the Central Door Lock Keyless System Remote Control. With its keyless features, you can remotely lock and unlock your car. It has an LED indicator that will help you direct light flashing when you use it. This is perfect, as it will fit any car.
  • Remotely lock and unlock your car
  • Direction light flashing
  • LED indicator
  • Remote car location
  • Remote trunk release
  • Rising power window
  • Universal for any cars


Control box size: 8.6 x 6 x 2.5cm (L x W x H) 2

Remote Controllers size: 6.2 x 3.3x 1.2cm (L x W x H)

Distance: About 30 – 80 meters

Working Voltage: 12V

Working Current: <15mA

Indicator Current:15mA

Working Frequency: 433.92MHZ


Package Included:

1 x Control box

2 x Remote Controllers

1 x LED connection wire

1 x Wire

1 x Operation instruction


Suggestion: The installation had better operates by the technician in 4s automobile stores or formal automobile repair stores, rather than yourself. Notes: This product does not have an alarm function.


Note because of customs security inspection reason:

1.Products from China did not contain a battery.

2.Products from overseas warehouses may or may not contain a battery, random delivery.

3.This product does not have the alarm function