Double Layer Wifi Router Storage Box Cable Cord Holder Organizer


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Are you experiencing wire trouble every day?

Looking for a way to organize the wires of your mobile and laptop’s charger in one container?

Organize all those scattered wires in this Double Layer Wifi Router Storage Box Cable Cord Holder Organizer!

Wires are one of the most restrictive inventions ever invented, they tangle and does not allow you to move farther from the power outlet while using your phones while charging. And if you want to use both your laptop and your phones and turn on your electric fan for ventilation, you have to use two outlets or an extension wire that looks unorganized and cause a tripping hazard. To avoid these awkward situations, use our cable management tool to cope up with your wire problems. This cable organizer is made with several holes design that allows the wires and the antenna of your wi-fi router to function well.

Our cord organizer provides an upper layer for your wifi router storage and a lower layer for your charging station. We separated the router rack from the charging hub to avoid causing damages to your precious devices’ accessories and to make it easier to put and take the wires. This plastic box is made from PP materials that grant its durability for longer use. The cord hider features a heat dissipation that avoids the overheating of your mobile gadgets while recharging, to avoid any untoward fire incidents.

We created these storage boxes with lids to cover your chargers and wi-fi router for their protection and for your safety. The simple design of our cable hider makes it more attractive and fashionable. With this wall mounted wire organizer, you will never experience tripping since the cable scattered on the floor are already organized inside the box. And there is no need for drills and screws since we made this cable management box easy to install with an easy to attach sticky box holder.

Provide this cable concealer in your work station at home and everything will be organized and tidy with its every useable and reliable feature.

Put all your troublesome wires in this Double Layer Wifi Router Storage Box Cable Cord Holder Organizer! And everything will be all right!


  • Durable – This cable holder is made with high-quality materials that grant its durability and strong performance.
  • Safe – To make sure that you and your mobile devices are safe while using the cord management box, it features a vent hole that allows heat dissipation to happen that avoids overheating.
  • Easy to Install – You’ll never find it difficult to mount this hide cable box on your wall because it comes with a sticker holder and hooks that hold the box steadily.
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