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Fish Bite LED Alarm

Sometimes, even the most experienced fishermen miss out a good catch, simply because of not paying attention. It could take a little while to catch fish again. You don't want that to happen, right? Fishing is fun but failing to catch fish a couple of times leads to frustration. Don't fret! We got your back! Never again miss the other strike with this amazing fishing gadget, The Fishing Bite LED Alarm.

Fishing Bite LED Alarm is perfect for all passionate fishers out there to help them catch fish without letting it go away. The sound of the alarm will indicate the movement in the hook line. It is very easy to carry and install. All you need to do is clip it on the rod then wrap the fishing line around the alarm.

There's more! This fishing gadget does not limit your fishing hobby to daytime only because the LED light alert is an ideal indicator for night fishing. More time to fish, more fun to experience.

In Bite LED Alarm, you will never miss a catch!

  • Brand new and high quality wireless sound-light bite alarm.
  • The outer layer sealed without bolt and is made up of sturdy and durable ABS
  • Small and exquisite design
  • Sensitive to fish which swallows the bait
  • Energy saving. The three batteries equipped can be in use for 1 or 2 years if the power is turned off when in no use.
  • Apply to different kinds of rod in different terrain and weather.