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KastKing Rod Sleeve (FREE)

Tired of seeing your expensive fishing rods damaged during transport? A KastKing rod sleeve wraps rods tightly and solves the problem. This rod sleeve cover is suitable for casting rods or spinning rods and may be adapted for ice fishing or fly fishing rod use. Pack a rod sleeve cover with your travel rod for added protection.

KastKing Unique Design

KastKing rod sleeve collars are folded out so they don’t get caught in your rod guides. Much more convenient than other brands!

KastKing Solid Tip End

KastKing gives your rod tip extra protection and prevents fishing rod tip from poking through sleeve.

KastKing is Tough

KastKing superior rod protection rod sleeves are not affected by saltwater, grease, many chemicals, and resist mold and mildew. They do not absorb water and are quick drying. 

Better Protection for Your Rods

Unlike other brands, rod sleeves do not catch on your fishing rod guides.

KastKing Keeps its Shape

Hot or cold weather does not affect KastKing fishing rod sleeves. They work from minus 40 degrees Celsius to 125 degrees Celsius. That’s equal to – 40 F and 257 degrees Fahrenheit!

KastKing Rod Protection Goes Everywhere

KastKing Fishing Rod Sleeves protect spinning and baitcasting fishing poles during travel.