LED Ceiling Light Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker Remote – App Controlled


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Looking for ceiling light for your room?

Do you want a party light that plays music as well?

Well, here it is! The LED Ceiling Light Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker is the party light of your dreams!

An LED color changing light adds beauty to your room but a ceiling light with a wireless speaker is taking it to another level! Home-based partying need not to be expensive, just cook your snacks, get some drinks and play your music while dancing to the lights of these bluetooth ceiling speakers.


  • The music sync feature of this modern ceiling lights allows you to automatically change the lighting to match your music. So dance with the beat and changing lights of this color-changing ceiling lamp.
  • Turn on this kids’ ceiling light, and sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star together with your toddlers or tell a story to your child. With this ceiling light fixture, babies and toddlers can go to sleep with ease as you can adjust the settings to a soft light.
  • The wireless speaker can play music automatically according to your scheduled time in the APP. You can play music even if the lights are off and it can also serve as an alarm clock that can wake up you or your sleepy children.
  • With the remote control provided, you can change the brightness, color, and temperature of these ceiling lights. Through the memory function of these bluetooth bedroom ceiling lights, you can control the lights using your smartphone.
  • These ceiling light speakers are very easy to install and only takes around 1 minute. You can easily connect your smartphone to the device, all you have to do is just pair it with the bulb’s Bluetooth device and you can start the party.