The Weed Snatcher


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This Weed Snatcher is great! This innovative weeding tool functions similarly to a mop. Simply place it over a weed-infested crack or crevice in your driveway and begin scraping away at the weeds. Snatch and pull technology hooks onto the roots of weeds and pulls them out.

With our Universal Weeding Head, you may spend less time weeding and more time doing the things you enjoy. There will be no more kneeling or stooping down to pluck weeds from the ground one by one. You won’t have to worry about weed killers staining your clothes or skin.


  • Easy to use: The fully adjustable tool can remove weeds that you do not want. Now you can reduce the time spent on weeding, and spend more time on your favorite activities.
  •  Weeding tools: no longer kneel or bend down to pull the weed away from the ground immediately. No chemicals are required. No more smelly herbicides on clothes and skin.
  • Practical herbicide: Put it on the crack of the weed or the crack of the driveway, and then start to scrape the weed. The grab and pull technique hooks the weed and pulls it out of the root.
  •  Remove weeds everywhere: an easy-to-use tool that can remove those pesky weeds in driveways, sidewalks, terraces, decks and other places to keep the house tidy. Grab them again and sweep them away with a broom. Your crack will be officially weeded in a short time. Your days of kneeling may have officially ended. A good family helper.
  • Gardening tools: First of all, wedding tools are convenient and easy to use. You can choose the right handle according to your height, so that no matter it is a child or an adult, anyone can use it comfortably without bending down. Quickly remove weeds within minutes


  • Weight: about 469 grams
  • Size: 23x12cm / 9.06 * 4.72inch; OPP packaging
  • Rod diameter: about 4.5cm / 1.77inch
  • Wheel diameter: about 5cm / 1.97 inches; width 2.3cm / 0.91inch