Ultimate Punching Drill Bits


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Are you in need of high-quality drill bits to finish your project quickly and easily? This Ultimate Punching Drill Bit is to the rescue. The most saving time and no-hassle with your project!

The wear-resistant triangular drill bit has smooth chip removal, durability, and long service life. The non-slip triangular handle design ensures firm operation and avoids slipping during drilling

The bright appearance makes the triangle drill more delicate and beautiful, which is convenient for you to find; The multifunctional drill bit with the appropriate size design is easy to store, does not take up space, and is also easy to put in the tool bag and easy to carry.



  • Alloy head material with stronger hardness, low resistance, high hardness, improving work efficiency.
  • Triangular handle design makes the clamping tighter and does not slip.
  •  U-shaped spiral grooves are smooth and flat, and the drilling is smoother.
  •  Strong toughness and wear resistance, can be installed in the hand drill, electric drill, bench drill.
  •  Wide Application: Provides smooth and accurate drilling in ceramic tile, glass, brick wall, wood, etc.


  • DIY Supplies: Tiling
  • Certification: None
  • Type: Center Drill Bit
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Total Length (mm): 100-120mm
  • with Standard Component Or Not: Standard Parts
  • Handle Diameter (mm): 3-10mm
  • Chip Tank Length (mm): 70mm
  • Cooling Type (Internal Cooling): Cold outside
  • Material: Cemented Carbide
  • The Full-Length: 63-120
  • Category: triangle zuan
  • Useful Length (mm): 50-100mm
  • Cutting Diameter (mm): 3-12mm
  • Handle Type: Triangular Handle
  • Series: Alloy Triangle Drill Bit