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Underwater Drone Mini Mariana RC Submarine HD Underwater Camera Drone with FPV

Explore the depths of the water and take pictures and videos of yourself with every nuance of fish and coral under the sea.

The underwater drone Mini Mariana RC Submarine is your best buddy in your underwater exploits. Mariana is a swimming camera, ergonomically designed and powered with 2 brushless motor (vector propellers), and high lumen LED spotlights.

The Mariana has unbelievable maneuverability and interesting functions. It is a stable platform for taking underwater still photos and videos.

Your next selfie will be in an alien world underwater with the Mariana’s 8-megapixel lens. 

You can control it and watch real-time screen by cellphone (take care and use a waterproof shell).

Take the Mariana with you in any activity that involves water. Play with it when you’re swimming, boating or other water sports and commit every exciting adventure to memory digitally with the Mini Mariana RC Submarine HD Underwater Camera Drone.

MARIANA 2458 FPV Underwater Drone Camera Drone Features:

  • RTR (Ready to run) 
  • 5.8G HD Image Transmission HD Camera Pixel 1280x1024 ABS and transparent hull 2.4G Remote Control
  • Mini-sd card with usb socket IP68 class waterproof Children Protection Good Play Partner For Kids watch real-time video
  • Specifications: Displacement: 0.8kg  
  • Overall Length: 256mm Beam: 160mm Draft: 80mm Height: 110mm
  • Prop: 2x OD 28mm
  • Motor: 2x 8000rpm
  • Light: 10x10 LUMEN
  • Battery:7.2V3AH Ni-Mh
  • Speed: 1.5 knots (2.8km/h)
  • Max. Depth: 30m Maximum
  • Control Range: 100M
  • Antenna length: 3 meters Children Protection Professional waterproof

List of Products and Accesories

  • Mariana submarine body
  • FPV
  • Remote Control(2.4G)
  • Camera(5.8G)
  • Charger
  • Bracket
  • Packing Box
  • 1 PC NI - MH Battery
  • Toolkit ( including commonly used tools )
  • One yellow duck with antenna