World’s Smallest Digital Camera


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This camera is the size of your thumb. And takes pictures and video with one button… 

Whether you’re tired of bringing large bulky cameras with you, or if you want the perfect hidden spy camera that no one will ever spot, this little guy is your best option. 

Only an inch tall and an inch wide, this camera can still produce high quality pictures and video. With a camera of 2 million pixels and picture resolution of 720p, and a video resolution of 30fps, this mini camera works like a charm! And it all operates on just one button… 

Simply press and hold the button to turn it on. Once you see the tiny red LED light, you’re ready to start snapping away. 

Press it once to take a picture, or press and hold to record a video. Simple! And everything’s conveniently stored onto the inserted micro SD/TF card for you to look at later. 


  • Camera takes HD pictures and video (720p pictures, 480p videos)
  • Operates completely off one button — take pictures by pressing once, and record videos by holding the button down for 3 seconds and pressing it again to stop
  • Stores memory onto micro SD/TF card
  • Works perfect as a normal camera/video recorder, a spy camera, and even a webcam
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